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Safety In Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Gus Green
Written by Gus Green

Holy Smokes – Cannabis legalization is lighting up the nation! As more states move to open their medical and recreational cannabis markets, child-resistant packaging compliance remains an obstacle. As a federally listed schedule 1 drug, Cannabis is required to be packaged in approved child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging, just like laundry detergent pods and other prescription medications. But, what exactly is an approved child-resistant package?

In 1970, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) was set forth to help protect children from accidentally ingesting specific household items that are considered toxic. A child-resistant package is one that is difficult for a child under five years old to open yet not difficult for a normal adult to open (in a reasonable time) and it must be tested and approved to be deemed as such, as defined by the PPPA.
The test is done through third-party testing labs to find out if the product is suitable as a compliant that is a child resistant and senior friendly option.

The first leg of the test is for child-resistance. 200 children test the product to see if they can open it. The children are tested in groups of 2 and if the product passes then it moves on to the second leg of the test: a senior-friendly test. One hundred seniors are tested individually to ensure that the package can properly be opened by a normal adult. If the product passes both tests, it is approved as a child-resistant specialty package and is compliant according to the standards of the PPPA.

Currently, there are many companies coming out with new child-resistant packages every day and unfortunately the knowledge of how to get these products tested and approved is not always available. Avoid this mistake by always asking for certificates proving that the product was tested and approved by a third-party testing lab for child resistance. Cutting corners on compliant packaging can lead to a number of ramifications, including the risk of hurting a child.

Although each functioning cannabis state has a list of requirements on their own specific packaging protocols, having a base knowledge of the requirements to meet the child-resistance standard is crucial to a Cannabis company’s success but is also crucial for the industry as a whole. Right now, the cannabis industry has a target on its back and every little misstep gets a spotlight. If you want to help improve the industry and help it grow, please always get compliant first…. And then get creative.

Gus Green, VP of B2B Packaging Co.

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