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Now You Can Create Profitable Cannabis Packaging Like A Pro!

Profitable Cannabis Packaging
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Cannabis packaging requires more than just pleasing looks. Not only do you want your packaging to attract buyers, but you also need to maintain freshness, flavor, and comply with legal compliance requirements. That’s a lot to keep up with, and then you still have to make money with it. While there is certainly no one way to do cannabis packaging right, the first step is to weed out unnecessary time and money wasters. A lot of the information you need the most is readily available if you know where to look. We’re going to cover some super potent insider strategies that have helped create some of the most successful cannabis packaging  in the nation.

    1. Consult your local budtenders – You don’t have to become a packaging expert. You don’t have to know everything, but you do need to start talking to your local budtenders more. They work with tons of products on a daily basis. They see your end users face to face all day, every day. Budtenders are a goldmine of critical cannabis packaging information that can save you time, money, energy and resources. Further, not only can you save, but budtenders can tell you which products are selling the most and why. They can clue you into problems that your competitors have, complaints that end users have, that you are not able to Google or pay some marketing research company to tell you. You can reach budtenders at your local dispensary, but don’t let that limit you. Use social media to connect to budtenders beyond your state or country. Twitter is an excellent way to communicate with others in the industry. You can find budtenders by searching Twitter with hashtag words. #Hashtags #are #words #with #the # symbol in front of them. The short 140 character phrases on Twitter can be hashtagged, so that others searching for information on that keyword can find your tweets. You can also find others who are talking about certain topics. So you can use hashtag #Budtender  #CannabisPackaging #Cannabis #Packaging to find budtenders and others talking about this topic, for example.


    1. Use glass for flowers – For marijuana flower packaging, glass is the best option. Unlike plastic cannabis bags, glass is completely nonporous. It gives your cannabis flowers a much longer shelf life. There’s also no risk of leaching any dangerous chemicals into your buds and into your body. For some sensitive consumers, they can actually taste the plastic residuals in their product. Yuck! This is could end up costing you in more ways than one. Glass cannabis packaging makes your product much more visible, which is very important in the ultimate purchase decision. People want to be able to see their product, especially flowers. This is really important in those states, like Washtington, that do not allow buyers to closely examine or  smell before purchase. Another reason why glass is a very good way to go, as far as marijuana packaging, is that it is your best bet for ensuring maximum flavor and freshness. But one of the most amazing reasons glass is the best choice, is that 100% of the glass is recyclable, with 82% of the glass being recycled on an annual basis. Only about 33% of plastic marijuana packaging will be recycled, though. By using glass containers for your marijuana packaging, you are not only helping your bottom line profits, but you’re also helping the community and the planet. So sustainability and biodegradable packaging are key points to take to heart. A good example is Soulshine Cannabis, a company based out of Renton, Washington. Not only is all of their marijuana packaging 100% biodegradable and compostable, but they also contribute part of their profits to a local animal shelter, Emerald City Pet Rescue.


    1. For Concentrates Use Medical-Grade, Silicone-Lined Cannabis Packaging – Here the key is all about product visibility, while at the same time ensuring maximum freshness. But don’t forget accessibility, as nothing is more annoying to your consumers than buying a gram of oil, but only being able to scrape about 90% of it. If you’re distributing concentrates, you may want to stay away from the plastic jars and parchment paper. What you’re going to be searching for will be dependent on the texture and consistency of your product. Here is where a knowledgeable and experienced budtender can help you work it out. He or she will be able to help walk you through what all the different terms are, like distillate, crumble, shatter, wax. You’ll also go through these terms in regards to the texture, consistency and extraction methods used. In other words, while you may already know what wax, shatter and crumble mean, having this discussion with some experienced budtenders in terms of the consistency and texture of your product will open the door to more marijuana packaging options for you. Sometimes we think we already know what something means, but when you go over things with a fine tooth-comb, you often find new information that you overlooked.


  1. Use Detailed Labeling for Concentrates – The same people who are looking to take their first dab will also be the ones looking at concentrates. It’s important for you to sort out the middle balance for what kind of information you’re going to include on your packaging. People tend to prefer packaging that tests for not only potency, but also lists terpene profiles. It may additionally be a good idea to include residual solvent analyses on your marijuana packaging. The reason that these types of packaging methods sell so well is that your consumers want to know just how clean the product is that they’re buying. So while it may be valuable to have aesthetically pleasing designs, colors and images, the information and more importantly the type of information you provide, is just as crucial. Your wallet will thank you.

Once again, while there is no one-size-fits-all method to marijuana packaging, the above tips can help you to have a clear idea of where to start. That’s important, as a lot of this will depend on your unique business situation. Keep in mind that while there is a lot of information available, in the end, you’re going to be the expert on what is right for you. And don’t forget to ask your budtenders for suggestions, after all, you’re the reason they’re there in the first place.


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