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Cannabis-Infused Mountjoy Sparkling Unveils Dynamic New Brand

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A redesign inspired by nature highlights the beverage’s pure taste and fresh modern look

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. – Mountjoy Sparkling, Northern California’s leading producer of cannabis-infused sparkling water, announces a reimagined product rebrand and design. The new look aims to define Mountjoy Sparkling as the nation’s most recognizable cannabis-infused beverage brand and enhances the company’s core value as a lifestyle beverage solution for active, productive people who want to live happier and healthier lives.

The rebrand is influenced by the original natural innocence of the cannabis experience, highlighting the allure and beauty of nature with a modern flair. Additionally, Mountjoy Sparkling saw double digit growth since launch, reflecting the expected industry growth, and wanted a look that would continue to attract discerning consumers. The beverage comes in a slender, resealable bottle, designed to be portable and an easy fit in most purses, gym bags and totes.

Mountjoy Sparkling is made using the finest, full-spectrum cannabis oils containing the emerging national standard of 10 mg of hybrid THC, and is carbonated at near-freezing temperatures to create the most bubbly, refreshing drink possible. Furthermore, the effects of Mountjoy Sparkling are scalable, meaning the customer is armed with the power of choice when consuming and will never lose presence of mind in the process. The beverage is a zero-calorie, guilt-free alternative for cannabis consumption with flavored options of peach, orange and natural.

“Mountjoy Sparkling was created to be a companion to one’s daily routine and deserves a place in the nation’s fridge,” said Alex Mountjoy, Founder of Mountjoy Sparkling. “The remodeled brand strengthens our already approachable, reliable product that easily mixes into different social situations as a great cocktail alternative or post-workout refreshment.”

The product can be purchased individually or in a new three-pack format showcasing one of each flavor at dispensaries throughout California and online. For more information on the Mountjoy Sparkling brand, visit or call 707-874-2009.

About Mountjoy Sparkling 
Mountjoy Sparkling, founded in 2016 by Alex Mountjoy, is Northern California’s leading producer of cannabis-infused sparkling water. The company uses a familiar base of sparkling water and adds just enough THC to make you feel nice. The beverage provides the effect of a beer or glass of wine at the cost of a latte and the calories of a glass of water. For the modern cannabis user, Mountjoy Sparkling is a perfect fit for social situations, healthy dietary habits and active, productive lifestyles.

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