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Health Canada proposes strict limits on marijuana packaging

Petar Petrov
Written by Petar Petrov

Health Canada has unveiled the results of its extensive 60-day public consultation during which it sought to anticipate the entire spectrum of concerns which cannabis legalization may spur.

Branding and Packaging

According to CBC, Marijuana packaging would be like cigarette warning labels. The main purpose that surfaces across the proposed regulations, is to make warning labels stand out more than branding to prevent packaging from specifically targeting the youth.

Health Canada wants to make sure consumers will know what they are getting into in terms of strength and potency:

Health Minister Ginette Pettipas Taylor said they want to ensure that consumers are aware of the THC and the CBD levels that will be included in the cannabis product that they may choose to purchase (1).


Micro-cultivators and micro-processors’ produce would have to fit into 200 square meters. Even though it may sound small, it’s “actually in the high end of what they have in Colorado, Washington, and some of the other U.S. states that allow this,” Bill Blair, Parliament Secretary to Minister of Justice & Health and the government’s point person on the marijuana file, told CBC.

Nothing will stop those who want to expand their business operations from applying for a full license.

“We think we can accommodate and we’re trying to find the right balance,” Blair said.

Old Convictions

The proposed regulations reflect an open mind regarding aspiring Cannabis professionals whose innocent marijuana enthusiasm has left a stain on their otherwise decent-citizen status from when their lifestyle wasn’t in accordance with the law:

“We want to make sure that for that type of an individual there is no unnecessary impediment for them to participate in this new industry,” said MP Bill Blair.

However, this flexibility doesn’t stretch past law-abiding individuals and the cannabis industry’s integrity:

“People who are involved in enterprise criminal activity, drug trafficking, and organized crime activity – we want to keep them out,” Blair added.

The proposed regulations might be strict, but if you consider the polarity of views and variety of concerns which Health Canada must reconcile, they sound balanced and fair.



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