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Preserving Cannabis Through Packaging

Petar Petrov
Written by Petar Petrov

The two main goals of Cannabis packaging are keeping cannabis fresh, and its brand’s identity. The branding aspect can easily take over your attention, however, even the most enticing brand can’t make up for cannabis that becomes devoid of its vigor and potency.

As a consumer, it’s important to know what type of packaging best fits your needs. To help you through that journey, we have assembled in this article the best types of packaging currently available.

Glass Packaging

For anything you plan on keeping for more than a couple of days, glass is the easiest choice to make (1). Glass retains moisture if sealed properly. Even regular screw-on lids will do the trick and allow your product to fulfill its potential over the course of time (2).

You can also go for a dark-colored jar to keep light exposure to a minimum. If you have a dark place to keep your jar in like a wardrobe, then opting for an opaque jar isn’t necessary.

Overall, this makes glass a highly effective universal choice.


Even though this packaging design might not be the most elegant, it surely gets the job done. These containers are like cannabis prisons, letting no air, light, or smell in or out (2). They even come with humidity packs which maintain a relative humidity of 62% inside. The only downside is that the humidity packs must be replaced every couple of months, which adds to the cost of this already more expensive, but nevertheless worthy option.

Vacuum Sealing

For a long-term commitment, vacuum sealing can preserve cannabis for years (2). If you want to make sure no plastic chemicals tamper with your product, there are BPA-free plastic options, as well as wide-mouth jar attachments that give your stash the best of both worlds.

Metal Cans

Honest Marijuana Co, an organic marijuana company in Colorado, introduced metal can packaging in August 2016 (3). Metal cans protect cannabis from light, moisture, and oxygen extremely well, and no chemicals can leach from the material even when temperatures vary. If kept closed, the metal cans preserve cannabis for even longer than a vacuum seal. Of course, this would be like keeping your brand-new car in the garage at all times, but it’s still a good way to stay prepared for emergencies.

Each option can preserve cannabis fresh for a different amount of time, and with different potential to protect against light exposure and loss of humidity. As long as you know how long you need your cannabis to last for, and how often you intend to open the container up, one of these different packaging possibilities will serve you well.





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