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The Skinny On California Consumer Cannabis Tax Shop Around For the Best Deals

Written by C. Imani Williams

The conundrum over California cannabis taxes isn’t an exact science. The issue has left cannabis users in a quandary about how cannabis is taxed. At many adult-use dispensaries, non-medical customers are taxed as much as twenty percent. The argument can be made that because medical recommendations cost money, medical marijuana patients deserve a little break on the taxes. But what about the rest of the growing cannabis market who do not have such a recommendation?

Buying Recreationally?

If you purchase recreationally you pay more. Many tourists who purchase recreationally are happy with being able to walk in and purchase a bag of flowery treats without any paperwork. Perhaps, consumers from states where cannabis is not yet legal don’t mind being taxed.

Talk To Your Budtender!

Locals just have to get creative. There are ways to bring your overall bill down. Ask about a discount for being a local or regular customer. Veterans get the hookup, as it should be. Ask for your discount.  Enter dispensary raffles and take advantage of their free workshops.

Does Your Dispensary Offer Compassionate Care?

Those with terminal diseases get A-1 service when they stop by.  Many dispensaries still practice compassionate care and terminally ill patients receive cannabis meds at discounted prices, on a donation basis, or just plain ol’ free.If you aren’t terminal but have chronic pain, ask about a disability discount. It may save you 10%.

4/20 Friendly

During the month of April, cannabis enthusiasts can find deals galore. Many 420 parties are already in the works. Hit your favorite dispensaries up on 420 for fantastic deals with some freebies thrown in. Buy in bulk and store for later use!

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