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Top5 Cannabis Branding and Packaging Trends Gaining a Branding and Packaging Edge

Written by C. Imani Williams

Creatives with artistic visual design skills may have an idea that becomes the next trend in cannabis branding and packaging. With new entrepreneurs joining the cannabis industry every week, comes the need to keep marketing eye-catching and fresh.  Here are the top 5 trends in cannabis branding and packaging.

  • Health and Wellness

Maintaining a keen focus on health is good business. Cannabis consumers are using social media to share how they utilize cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. On the medicinal side cannabis publications, emails, and YouTube are brimming over with CBD testimonials from people living with chronic illness.

  • Leaf Legacy

The cannabis leaf has long been associated with 420 friendliness. Old school is using flower power logos from the 1960s. Some companies are giving the leaf a “dope” makeover using fewer or more leaves and a range of colors to complement the green.

  • Bet on Green!

Cannabis companies are branding and packaging with green. The color green has enjoyed long-term solid appeal in the cannabis world. It’s recognized and noted in cannabis slang as in, “I tried some fire green!” Green-association gives cannabis users and supporters space accolades in the environmental movement.

  • Working Cannabis Stereotypes

Stereotypes can carry a negative tone. In the world of cannabis’ sales, word recognition can make money. Branding “stoner” gear packaging marvelous munchie/edibles and inserting cannabis language into product descriptions and packaging are ways to stay in the trending lane.

  • Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more. Designs with clean lines and not a lot of text and images carry an upscale aura. Packaging that is simplistic and tastefully done is eye-catching. Minimalism is in packaging is a way to make product packaging stand out.

While trends come and go, being on the cutting edge is always exciting. What are you doing to step up your packaging and branding games?




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