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The Future of Dosage – Control Your High

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

One of the biggest challenges of using cannabis is figuring out anoptimal dose. Even when the amount is the same, each person reacts differently. Now, the future is here, and we are one step closer to a more pleasant experience.

Thanks to modern science,we can now buy cannabis knowing theexact percentage of THC and CBD that is in the plant. We also know the strain name and if it is an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Theproblemremains in estimating how long of an inhale is needed for the desired effect. Even with the exact knowledge of grams smoked, it is impossible to know exactly how much of it went into our lungs, our bloodstream, and bypassed the liver. Besides,some people inhale stronger with less time, or slower but hold it in more. The point is, everyone has different levels of tolerance and methods, and werely solely on our reaction.

In 2015, Wana Brands, a Colorado based manufacturer, teamed up with an Israeli pharmaceutical company called Cannabics, to createthe industry’s first extended release cannabis capsules (1). Now in 2018, the capsules are available in Arizona, and will soon be available in Nevada, Illinois, Florida and Oregon, as well as other states. These capsules will provide a full twelve-hour effect, reduce re dosing, and potential side effects (2).

With that revolutionary product in mind, the question comes to figuring our optimal dosage for the desired effect. One helpful example is this edibles dosing chart.

Imagineentering a dispensary and stepping on a scale that calculated an optimaland personalized dosage. It would measure your weight, tolerance,desired effect, and then display an array of personalized options.The options could be how many grams to eat, how many seconds to inhale, or how many drops taken sublingually. No more bad trips, smoking too much, or too little. Themore we know about ourselves and dosages, the less we worry about the possibility of smoking or ingesting too much THC.



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