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Petar Petrov
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The cannabis industry is quickly changing and adapting. With regulations constantly changing, there needs to be a faster way to print.Digital printing is quick, easy, and cost efficient. Here are four reasons why cannabis businesses should begin to use Digital printing instead of the conventional measures.

  1. Cost efficient changes

Printing is expensive. Imagine being in the final stages of your packaging and suddenly new regulation pop up. The constantly need to re print for these changing regulations are a big factor to consider when entering the industry. Re printing and adding new labels on top of each other increase the costs. To make changes in the digital printing world, it’s borderline free.

  1. No MOQ

Minimum order quantities are one of the main reasons many small business owners cannot get their start in the cannabis industry. Minimum order quantities only satisfy the supplier and many times force people to order more than they need to. With digital printing, there is no minimum order quantities! Can we get a halleluiah!?

  1. Higher quality

Traditional measures of printing have good quality. However, these new and improved digital printing machines can print labels with a 2200 dpi photo quality. Companies using digital printing will soon raise the bar for the quality of their printing.

  1. Affordable luxury Printing

luxury packaging costs a significant amount of money to produce as opposed to the mainstream target. With digital printing, you are able to print beautiful luxury designs without paying an arm and a leg. This saves the consumer and business owner money, and with a higher quality product.Talk about a win win situation.

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