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Canadas Packaging and Labeling Summarizedby Dianelle Bresler Section: packaging and branding

Last week on July 11th, 2018, the Canadian Gazette published the full text of the Cannabis Regulations and the new Industrial Hemp Regulations. The full text consists of one hundred thousand words. If that doesn’t sound harsh, many of the regulationsrepeat sentence introductions. So, in order to ease your reading, I have summarized the packaging and branding portion as it pertains to this this magazine.

The immediate container for packaging cannabis must:

  • Be opaque or translucent.
  • Prevent contamination of the cannabis.
  • Keep the cannabis and cannabis seeds dry.
  • Have a security feature (not opened).
  • Be child resistant.
  • Not exceed 30g dried cannabis.
  • Not exceed 4 plants.

The interior surface and exterior surface of any containermust not:

  • Display any brand element, or image.
  • Be capable of emitting a scent or sound.
  • Contain any feature that is designed to change the surface area of the container or covering, such as a fold-out panel, or cut-out windows.
  • Containany hidden feature that is designed to change the appearance of the container or covering, such as heat-activated ink or a feature that is visible only through technological means. (unless it is used to prevent counterfeiting)

The color must:

  • Be one uniform color.
  • Not have metallic, fluorescent, or ultraviolet pigments.
  • Create a contrast with the yellow and red warning symbols.
    • The interior surface can be a different color then the exterior surface, and an interior surface that is made of metal may be the color of the metal.

The exterior surface must have:

  • A matte finish, smooth texture without any raised features, embossing, decorative ridges, bulges, or any irregularities.
    • Unless the texture is to facilitate the opening and closing of the container; or assist visually impaired individuals.

The covering of any container must:

  • Not display any brand element, image or information.
  • Be transparent and colorless.
    • A bar code may be displayed only once, must be rectangular in shape and not contain any image or design and must be printed in black and white.

The brand name on the label must:

  • Be a text size smaller or equal tothe health warning message.
  • Not have the metallic or fluorescent properties.
  • Be displayed only once on the principal display panel.

According to the packaging and labeling portion of the consultation section, only a minority disagreed with the requirements, and the vast majority of health care associations or public health organizations agreed with the proposal. Since we are in the cannabis packaging, branding, and compliance business, the ability to have creative branding is essential to differentiating between company products. Canadians are coming up with brilliant ways to get their message across without the use of branding and advertising, but that’s another story. To read the full text from the gazette,click here.

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