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Universal Compliance, a possibility?

Asia Mayfield
Written by Asia Mayfield

In the United States, there are no overarching, country-wide rules regarding cannabis manufacture and sale. Eachstateis free to concoct its own regulations based on their lawmakers. If cannabis becomes federally legalized and the government administers its own regulations, everybody in America would greatly benefit.

There is a desire for consistency in the industry. Navigating the tangle of each states individual regulations is a paperwork headache. Just last month, California’s comprehensive cannabis regulations went into effect. This causes businesses to immediately change production to adhere to the new regulations. These constant changes raise prices for consumers. Businesses must order large quantities at a time from suppliers, many times with a certain minimum order quantity.

In California, cannabis products must be evaluated by an independent laboratory before being legally allowed to be sold. In Maine, there is no required test for potency or potential contamination. Regulators simply ask dispensaries to provide samples to officials who then might run tests themselves. This can cause cannabis to be contaminated, and in some cases, the product you are buying may not even be the same, or close to what you are purchasing. Having set laws where each state must test products will ensure consumers never ingest hazardous products, and always receive the best possible quality.

In order for a universal compliance system to begin, we need the strength of the federal government to enforce it. Without it, states are left to their own devices, grappling with the federal government, and constantly dealing with a shifting industry.

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