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The Importance of Logo Design

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

Every cannabis business owner wants two things: sales and recognition. Top gross in the industry and for everybody to know who they are. The easiest way to get both is to implement a great logo design. It creates an impression, is easily recognizable, and influences purchasing decisions at the counter.


The best logos known to man are often simple, yet highly effective. Coca cola, McDonalds, Target, Pepsi, Nike, Twitter; shall I go on? All these company logos have one thing in common: They are simple and easy to remember. When designing your cannabis brand, start by drawing the ten most important shapes related to who you are, and use them to guide you. Don’t just choose a leaf—that’s basic.


The psychology of color. Probably one of my favorite things in logo design. Colors create the feel of your brand’s essence. As you can see at first glance at the figure below, your choice in color influences more than the design itself. Take a look at this great image and use it as a reference when designing or rebranding your brand identity.


Just like color, font is adds to what kind of brand you are choosing to be. A serif font, or what we call a font “with feet,” is the traditional Times New Roman style, giving your logo a more serious approach. Examples of serif include Time,Dior, WordPress, and Wikipedia. Modern logos mostly have transitioned to Sans Serif, or, “no feet.” Examples include Target, Google, Chanel, and so on.

As you can see, your brands logo design is very important. The easier it is to remember, the easier someone will recognize your product at a store. Create branded materials for your target market to wear. Branded shirts and hats give you free exposure, and people naturally promote your product. However, in order to get there, your brand must reflect the views and opinions of your target audience, so they want to share in its identity. But, that’s another lesson for some other time.


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