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Preventing Employee Theft in Cultivation

Asia Mayfield
Written by Asia Mayfield

Employee theft is an ugly part of a business owner’s reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling toothpicks or cars, employees can be tempted to steal. The risks are particularly pronounced in the cannabis industry. You’re selling one of the most desirable products on earth.

Unless it’s flagrant, employee theft can be difficult to prove. That’s why you need to focus your efforts on prevention. Shore up any weaknesses in your security and foster an environment of trust between you and your employees. An angry, disgruntled worker is more likely to steal from you than one who feels appreciated.

Here are some tips to prevent employees from stealing cash and products.

Hire the Right People

Background checks are expensive and time-consuming, but cultivation workers have direct access to cannabis.If you stuff your business with bad apples, you’re going to have a lot of problems to deal with.

Upgrade Your Security

Thieves are attracted to cannabis retailers. Protect your business by investing in high-quality security systems. You should have sophisticated alarms and video surveillance throughout your facility.

The cannabis industry largely runs on cash. To prevent employees from stealing loose money, purchase a vault and multiple safes. Hire an armored car service if you need to transport large sums.

Track Everything

A gram here. Some kief there. Most employee thefts will be small. You can notice them faster if you perform constant and reliable inventory checks. There are software programs that automate the process.

Stop Leakage

Take a look at your discount program, especially if you’re operating a dispensary. If your employees are constantly giving free buds to their friends, you’ll lose a lot of money.

Employ the Buddy System

Inventory checks and money counts should always be performed by at least two people. That way you don’t have to trust someone to be alone with your business’s cash. Additionally, potential thieves are less likely to attack two people.

Employee theft is a serious problem that all business owners must contend with. However, strong prevention efforts can dramatically reduce the risk.

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