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HISIERRA Introduces Certified Sustainable Child Resistant Packaging for California Market

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HISIERRA offers cannabis dispensaries the only American-made, certified renewable, truly sustainable and certified child resistant exit packaging, fully compliant with California’s tough new requirements

Los Angeles, CA Sept 10, 2018 ( HISIERRA® new cannabis exit packaging starts as discarded plant materials and is turned into child resistant cannabis packaging in a wind powered factory located in America’s heartland.Recently, California has re-introduced proposed regulations requiring child resistant cannabis packaging for all licensed California dispensaries and delivery services. HISIERRA exit bags are a sustainable and renewable certified child resistant packaging solution and are in compliance with all cannabis exit packaging laws. Child resistant ‘exit packaging’ is designed and certified to keep the contents safe from kids and dispensary exit bags have locking mechanisms built into their design. The packaging bags are called ‘exit bags’ because the cannabis product ‘exits’ the dispensary in a certified child safe bag.The Dispensary typically provides the exit bag to assure the products leave the shop in a safe method of transportation and secure storage at home. HISIERRA is a the only certified sustainable and renewable child resistant solution.

Mike Greenfield, Owner of HISIERRA explains “We tried to look at this full spectrum – material, manufacturing and performance – and the result is a special sustainable cannabis packaging material made into child safe exit bags in an American wind powered factory – it’s very cool!” “HISIERRA is the only American made, certified renewable, truly sustainable and certified child resistant cannabis exit packaging, made with 100% wind power factory located in America’s heartland. There’s nothing else like HISIERRA and our customers see the benefit of associating their brand with American made environmentally responsible sustainable cannabis packaging.”

HISIERRA exit bags are OLCC approved in Oregon, MED approved in Colorado, and comply with California, Nevada and all child resistant cannabis packaging laws and documented certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475, conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.2 and conform to the Poison Prevention Act of 1970.

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