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Investing in Cannabis

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Investors are buzzing over the cannabis industry.

Medical and recreational markets continue to burst into existence. 30 states have legalized medical cannabis. Nine of them permit recreational use. The country’s attitude toward cannabis has undergone a rapid shift.

Further north, Canada is set to make history by becoming the first Group of Seven nation to legalize recreational cannabis. The potential earning opportunities are huge. New deals are being formed every day. If you can stomach the risk, it’s an exciting time to invest in cannabis.

What are the Benefits?

North America isn’t the only continent with fluctuating cannabis laws. Germany is in the midst of expanding its medical market. There are a lot of growers and manufacturers who are running profitable operations servicing those consumers.

In 2017, the worldwide cannabis market was worth $9.5 billion. Most of that wealth was centered in the U.S. By 2022, U.S. legal cannabis sales are expected to reach over $23 billion.

One of the biggest threats facing fledgling cannabis stocks is the capriciousness of federal laws. However, most people agree that the government is softening its stance.

Cannabis stocks aren’t for the faint of heart. Companies quickly bubble into existence and burst into bankruptcy. Investors should look at the long-term, global potential when choosing these stocks. Governments across the world are considering cannabis legalization.

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