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Preventing Robbery. Tips on securing your store

Evan Clark
Written by Evan Clark

Any industry that’s cash heavy and deals with high value merchandise is an attractive target for criminals. From Colorado to California to Washington, nearly every state with a legalized cannabis industry has had to deal with daring attempts to rob dispensaries and cannabis cultivation facilities. The problem is well documented, so the question becomes; how can you prevent robberies in the cannabis industry?

Light Up

Cannabis operations can take a page from the traditional retail sector by having a well-lit interior and exterior. Strong lighting can help identify criminals and vehicles when filing a police report. It is crucial to regularly check light systems, ensure all cameras are properly working, and immediately replace broken bulbs.

Security Guards

I hate to say it, but this is one instance where the NRA’s contrived slogan “the only way to beat a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun,” actually rings true. Some dispensary robberies have turned violent resulting in the loss of a life. A security guard not only protects the store but helps implement better security practices.

Consider Crypto

If cannabis businesses carry less cash, their risk of robbery dwindles.Cryptocurrencies can provide transparency, accountability, and reduce risks for cannabis companies. Cryptocurrency can benefit the owners of cannabis operations by lowering the supply of physical cash circulating.

The methods listed above only represent a small portion of options for securing your cannabis business. Complete robbery prevention and awareness plans should be developed with a security expert for your unique location.

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