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Medicinal, Recreational, or both?

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

For those interested in opening up a dispensary, the options are either medicinal, recreational, or both. The two types of users are completely different from each other, so knowing what type of business to operate depends on which type of customer fits the business mold.

The Taxes

For starters, medicinal cannabis taxes are lower than recreational. One may expect to pay somewhere around 20% on recreational, while a medical patient may pay non or half.

The Customer

Recreational customers must be 21 and up, where medicinal can be either 18 and up, or lower with certain qualifying conditions.

The Staff

Medicinal dispensaries are closer to a doctor’s office rather than a retail storefront. Because of this, employees must be well trained on the products and their effects for specific conditions. For example, a patient with general anxiety disorder may not do well with THC over 6%, so ACDC, (a 20:1 CBD to THC strain) is a godsend, providing a clear-headed relaxation. For the recreational user, they may look at that as a weak strain.

The Strains

Just as the example listed above, everybody reacts differently to each strain, especially medicinal patients. For this reason, medicinal strains are known to be a higher quality and inspected more to ensure the patient experiences the desired effect. To have both a recreational and medicinal store, having a wide variety of strains is essential.

In short, in all depends on which type of business is preferred. For those who just want to sell cannabis to anyone over 21, then recreational is the way to go. For those that are interested in the idea of helping medical patients alleviate their symptoms in wider age demographic, then medicinal is the best option. Just keep in mind, that to have both, there needs to be staff educated on both types, and must stock the specific strains for medical patients.


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