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Where are We With Cannabis Technology Research

Cannabis Technology Research
Asia Mayfield
Written by Asia Mayfield

As the legal cannabis market continues to explode, scientists are delving deeper into cannabis technology research. The fledgling sector is still working out its operating kinks. There’s a lot of room for technology to smooth out the business process.

A healthy slew of apps and new technologies have sprung up to support the cannabis industry. Most efforts are focused on improving and streamlining what the professionals do, although there are cannabis tech companies targeting consumers instead.

Cannabis technology solutions are fixing problems that other industries have already dealt with. For instance, stringent government regulations require legal dispensaries to keep track of everything that they sell. Some dispensaries also keep track of each customer and how much they’re buying.

So it’s not surprising that one of the biggest industry success stories is a software company that has been described as the “Salesforce of cannabis.”

A prominent market research company predicted that the cannabis industry will be worth $24.5 billion in 2025.  A lot of that money will be poured into agricultural advances. If growers could figure out how to cut their costs, their profits would soar.

For Dispensary Owners

There are many innovative cannabis apps targeted toward dispensary professionals. Here are a couple.

  1. Baker

Baker is the CRM platform designed for dispensaries. It has more than one million customers spread across Canada and the U.S.

  1. Flowhub

The platfrom keeps track of eveything “from seed to sale.” It also helps dispensary owners stay compliant with state regulations.

For Consumers

Technology is helping cannabis consumers as well. Innovations include:

  1. Seedo

This fully-automated home grow lab turns growing your own cannabis into a sinple project. Pop your seeds into the lab, turn on the associated app, and shut the device door. You won’t have to do anything else until harvest time.

  1. Eaze

If you’re in an area where Eaze operates, you can order cannabis from your phone as easily as you can order a pizza.

Research into cannabis technology now has the support of a surging, multi-billion industry behind it. The tech industry is diving into cannabis with less reluctance than other most established industries. Most banks continue to stay far away from the industry. Alternative technology solutions are still being suggested.

Cannabis research, largely focused on practical industry advancements, is being freed from the restraints that have been holding it in. California has had a medicinal market for more than 20 years but most of the nation’s 30 cannabis markets are brand new. America’s attitude has shifted.

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