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Washington Bans All Candy and Gummy Edibles

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

On October 3rd 2018, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board reevaluated cannabis edibles. Anything that seems appealing to children will be prohibited next year starting April 3rd, 2019.

The reason behind all this is to decrease the risk of accidental ingestion by children. Many edibles look and taste like candy. In fact, many are candy, but just infused with cannabis. It is understandable to see where they are coming from to avoid children looking at brightly colored packaging, and assuming it Is plain candy.

However, all edibles are clearly labeled only for adult use. They have some sort of indication about it being 21 and over, and specifically state if it is THC or CBD edible. Besides, most people who consume edibles would not place them anywhere near children.

Infused edibles make up about 9% of cannabis sold in Washington. Therefore, the allowed infused products will be; drinks, baked goods, capsules, chips and crackers, sauces and spices, and tinctures. Chocolate, cookies, caramels and mints are allowed however, they have limitations on appearances.

For example, sprinkles, frosting, and colored chocolates will not be allowed. Anything that would appeal to children will cease to exist. Washington will only have to have chocolate in a bar or ball. Apparently, shapes are too appealing to children.

For more information, the Liquor and cannabis board with host a webinar on October 18th. Please visit to register.

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