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Legal Purchasing Amounts

Asia Mayfield
Written by Asia Mayfield

Traveling cannabis enthusiasts are curious- how much cannabis can you buy in every state?

Here’s your answer.


The recreational cannabis market has thrived in Alaska for the past four years. Adult consumers over the age of 21 can purchase one ounce (28 grams) at a time. Medicinal patients face the same restrictions. “At a time” is usually interpreted to mean once per day.

Residents are also allowed to grow six plants. Only three can be mature at a time.


California medical and recreational users have very different rights. Medical patients can buy eight ounces a day while recreational consumers are limited to one ounce. Like Alaska, state residents are allowed to have six plants.


Colorado law delves into the type of cannabis being consumed. Residents can grow up to six plants at a time; three are allowed to be mature. Households are limited to twelve plants total.

Medical patients can buy up to two ounces of flower per day. Regular consumers can purchase an ounce. All adults can buy up to 800 mg of edible products and eight grams of concentrate.


Medicinal and recreational consumers can purchase up to 2.5 ounces per transaction. The state’s residents can grow twelve plants at a time, with six being mature.


Medical patients are currently allowed to buy up to ten ounces every 60 days or two months. When recreational sales open, consumers will be able to buy five grams of concentrate products and an ounce of herb at a time.

Residents can grow six plants.


Residents are allowed to grow up to six plans if they live more than 25 miles from a cannabis dispensary.

Medical patients are limited to five ounces per month, and no more than 2.5 ounces per two weeks. They can also possess 10,000 mg of concentrate.

Recreational consumers can buy an ounce per transaction and an eighth of concentrate.


Residents are allowed to possess up to four plants.

All adults can possess 16 ounces of solid cannabis, 72 ounces of liquid cannabis, five grams of concentrates, and an ounce of herb.

Medical patients can possess 24 ounces of flower. For everything else, the limits are the same as those guiding recreational consumers.


Medical patients can possess three ounces of herbal cannabis, 21 grams of concentrates, 216 ounces of liquid cannabis, and 48 ounces of solid cannabis.

Recreational consumers are limited to one ounce of herb, seven grams of concentrates, 72 ounces of liquid cannabis, and 16 ounces of solid cannabis.

Only medical users are allowed to grow their own plants.

Washington, D.C.

Medical patients can buy up two ounces every 30 days. There’s no legal setup for recreational consumers to purchase cannabis yet. However, residents can have up to six plants. Three can be mature. They can also possess up to two ounces of flower.

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