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Cannabis Delivery Laws from Washington to California

Written by Colby McCoy

As of today, the delivery of cannabis to medicinal or recreational consumers is illegal in the state of Washington. One might think that cannabis delivery services, which are booming in California, would go hand and hand with full legalization. However, this is not the case in Washington.

Washington is currently on the cusp of legalizing delivery services. State legislators attempted to pass cannabis delivery services under HB 2368 in 2016. But the bill itself eventually stagnated due to fears of the state’s “pilot program.”

The program was designed to grant legal permission for delivery services to those over the age of 21 to five major cannabis distributors in Washington. Which in turn led to fears of a possible monopoly in the cannabis market.

In 2017, HB 1712 was introduced which sought to legalize delivery services of cannabis. Essentially, the current bill has the same goal of the original bill released in 2016. Looking up the current status of HB1712 one finds that it too has been caught up in the quagmire of legislative politics. It still remains unclear as to whether cannabis delivery services will be legalized in Washington.

In contrast, California’s cannabis delivery service industry is thriving. There are a few potential roadblocks to delivery services being rolled out statewide, however. The largest of these issues being the lack of a concrete set of regulations.

Californian legislators are working on passing a formal set of regulations which will allow for an employee of a delivery service to deliver cannabis to anyjurisdiction within the state of California.

An update to the current regulations on the books was announced on July 13, 2018. These proposed changes were discussed during a public hearing on October 17, 2018. It is unknown as to whether the proposed changes will become fully legal by the end of the year.



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