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Quality over quantity, good bud creates loyal customers

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

Customers who pay a higher price tag should receive some top-notch product. Likewise, a very low price usually reflects poor quality. If both produce a high, what are the benefits and differences between them?

Think of shwag, the low-quality flower, as the free shots of tequila you get at clubs. It usually ends up as a headache the morning after with a bad impression of tequila as a whole (editor’s note, that happens to me with cheap mimosas). Customers may stray away from cannabis after smoking a low-quality product that was too harsh and did them bad. In my opinion as a current budtender, I would rather have someone spend the same amount of money and get one gram of an amazing product, than an eighth (3.5 grams) of trim.

High quality flower will instantly draw your attention and hypnotize you in. The sparkling crystals, multitude of colors, vibrant lime green color, are clear indicators of carefully cultivated bud. In addition to its aesthetic, top shelf product prides in creating one of the best experiences. For example, when smoking a berry strain from a top shelf brand, the moment you exhale, the aroma of berries takes over creating a beautiful smooth feel. Higher quality flower tends to be higher in THC creating powerful long-lasting effects. Most users report not having a “weed-hangover” and feel like they unlocked a greater experience.

Not everyone can afford to constantly smoke top shelf. In the end, the result for recreational users is to get high. Medium shelf bud Is the perfect middle ground in getting a bang for your buck.

It all comes down to each individual. Two people who smoke the exact same product will not be guaranteed the same experience. Those who are more sensitive with strains may prefer a higher quality product, and someone who feels the same with both can save money.

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