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Quality vs Quantity Bud

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

Customers who pay a higher price tag receive top-shelf product. Likewise, a very low price usually reflects poor quality. If both produce a high, what are the benefits and differences between them?

Low Quality

Think of shwag, the low-quality flower, as the free shots of tequila you get at clubs. It gets the job done, it’s fun, but It usually ends up as a headache the morning after. Bottom shelf bud tends to be dry, full of pesticides, and is more brown than green. Many of the positive effects from smoking are from the terpene profile. In addition, degraded cannabis has higher levels of CBN, the cannabinoid responsible for lethargy and sleepiness.


For those with a limited budget that do not want that low quality flower, middle shelf is the best bang for your buck. It’s not too leafy, dry, or full of pesticides. Results vary from grower and state, but when it comes to quality, middle shelf can deliver potent results.

Top Shelf

High quality flower will instantly draw attention and hypnotize you in. Sparkling crystals, multitude of colors, and smell, are clear indicators of carefully cultivated bud. In addition to its aesthetic, top shelf product prides in creating one of the best experiences. For example, when smoking a berry strain from a top shelf brand, the moment you exhale, the aroma of berries takes over creating a beautiful smooth feel. Higher quality flower tends to be higher in THC creating powerful long-lasting effects. Most users report not having a “weed-hangover” and feel like they unlocked a greater experience.

All in all, It’s about the quality of the product, and the individual’s response to it. There may never be a one size fits all, but now we know that quality of the product directly alters the desired effects. Two people who smoke the exact same product will not be guaranteed the same experience. Those who are more sensitive with strains may prefer a higher quality product with more terpenes, and those with a high tolerance may just want quantity.

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