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Less is (sometimes) more

Dianelle Bresler
Written by Dianelle Bresler

For the last two months I have been working as a budtender in Washington. I have familiarized myself with the packaging here since I just moved from California. I have seen the way products flow, and how packaging affects decision. I can tell you what I mean by “less is more”.

For starters, the first thing we see is the shape and color of the packaging, followed by what is visibly readable. The product will receive around three seconds to decide if the customer is interested.

Products that have words and images cluttered are often skipped over the fastest. Also if it’s hard to find the important words, or there are too many combinations of colors and objects. It’s often the ones that present an overwhelming amount of information.

What You Need

Strain name, your brand, and if it is sativa or Indica dominant (or hybrid). That is exactly what customers are interested in. Shiny packaging is always nice, but if everything looks identical, and the only indicator of the strain name is on the label, they become difficult to pick up.

Functionality is better than design at times too. If a company has ten different products, and each different strain is clearly labeled, with its leaning side, then budtenders can use that as each one is a completely unique product from each other. The best packaging design has everything clearly labeled in one harmonious design.

Repeat What They Want to Hear

As crazy as this sounds, if your strain makes you do chores, write it! Customers love to read exactly what they just asked for.

There you have it! Less is more. Try to avoid clutter and unnecessary words. Clearly label each product as uniquely as possible with the percentages of sativa to indica.

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