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When Technology Fails

Ryan Scott
Written by Ryan Scott

We have all been there before, waiting in line at your favorite deli when you notice the “cash only” sign on the register. Such experiences seem to happen all too often, and the IT guy is usually on an extended vacation when it does.When our modern technology fails us, as it is prone to doing, the feeling it conjures up is one of frustration, frustration for both customers as well as employees. Using technology can help strengthen business and enrich the customer experience, but tech failure can trammel it just as much.

Without the use of technology, we find ourselves living back in the old days of analog systems. Obsolete credit card swipe machines with carbon paper and penned receipts have the ability to bring business to a grinding halt, causing a loss of profits in the world’s current state of fast-paced transactions. We live in a time when we can pay for goods with a swift pass of our phone or smartwatch, cutting down the whole payment process to mere seconds.With everyone in such a hurry to get in and out quickly, a lack of technology will have customers looking to take their business elsewhere.

When business technology fails consistently, it can lend an air of unprofessionalism to the business in which it occurs. Disgruntled employees, who are regularly forced to tell customers their system is down, can feel disheartened, leading to unproductivity in the workplace and causing business profits to suffer. Any smart businessman would tell us, it is important to keep customers happy, as well as employees.

There are many things a business can do to try to prevent a technology failure. Installing a back-up server and maintaining a good relationship with a tech-savvy person or company can’t hurt when logically preparing for such an occurrence. Most importantly, the ability to remain calm while dealing with the stress of tech failure is paramount when it comes to properly addressing the problem.

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