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How Cannabis Users Spend Their Money: A Breakdown

Written by Colby McCoy

In 2017, U.S. cannabis sales totaled at a staggering $9 billion. Still a budding industry, cannabis has been projected to reach $20 billion in sales by the middle of 2020. Globally, the legal cannabis market grew by 37%.

On average, users spent $645 annually on cannabis (2016). A close to a quarter of consumers averaged between $1000-2500 per year. Coming in at a close second are users who spent between $500-$1000.Lastly,just 2.2% of customers spent more than $5000.

Examining the average amount spent at a single dispensary trip, the median spend was $33. The largest percentage of consumers spent between $10-$25 at dispensaries while only 6.0% spent $10 or less. But, what products in particular are users purchasing most?

In a recent survey which analyzed a quarter of Washington’s cannabis market, it was found that 48.7%of total sales were in flower, andedibles account for 13.1% . Both vapor pens and concentrates added up to roughly 18% of all sales.

Specifically, within the category of flower, hybrids accounted for 25.2% out of the 48.7% of all flower sales. Both indica’s and sativa’s totaled in around 11% each. The consumer preference for hybrids continues with pre-rolls, which make up about 5.5% of sales.

Although flower continues to be king other categories of cannabis products have seen a rise in popularity. Primarily vaporizers, beverages, and live resins. Only time will tell as to how much the numbers may change. Regardless, cannabis is doing just fine.

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